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  • Home ? Products ? GI Corrugated Sheet SGCC (Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel)


    GI Corrugated Sheet

    Name GI Roof sheet GL Roof sheet /Anti-finger
    Standard GB/T-2518
    JIS G 3302
    EN 10142/10427
    ASTM A 653
    JIS G 3321
    EN 10215
    ASTM 792
    Grade SGCC
    Roof Types Corrugated roof sheet/ Trapezoidal roof sheet/ As your requirement
    Thickness 0.125-0.5 mm (±0.02 mm) 0.16-0.5 mm (±0.02 mm)
    Width before corrugated (BC) Regular: 750 mm, 760 mm, 900 mm, 914 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm.
    Width after corrugated (AC) Regular: 665 mm, 680 mm, 780-820 mm, 836 mm, 850 mm, 870 mm, 875 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm.
    Length As your requirement
    Zinc/Aluzinc coating Zn 40 g/sm-275 g/sm Alu-zinc 40-150 g/sm
    Spangle Mini/Regular/Big Regular
    Sheet weight 2-4 tons or As your requirement
    Hardness CQ/FH/As your requirement
    Certification ISO 9001, BV, SGS,
    Application Structural use , roofing, corrugated roofing, commercial use, household appliance, industry.

    Technological Process:

    Uncoiler– Stitching Machine– Barrels– Tension Machine– Uncoil Loop– Alkali Wash

    Degrease– Clean– Drying– Passivation– Drying– Rendering– Render Drying–

    Topcoat Precision Coating– Topcoat Drying– Air Cooling– Wrap up Loop– Recoiler– Package


    PPGI steel coils mainly used as building material.
    Household appliance industry: 31%
    Building industry: 63%


    Environmental and economic:
    PPGI steel coil do less harm to environment and can be used many time;
    PPGI steel coil is very light can save transport cost; convenient to corrugated and fixed;
    It can be corrugated to difference shapes and fixed conveniently.


    20 ft container can max stand 25 tons, each coil 3-5 tons, one container can take 25-27 tons.

    GI Corrugated Sheet Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:
    1. Each bare coil to be securely tied with two bands through the eye of coil (or not) and one circumferential.
    2. The contact points of these bands on the coil edge to be protect with edge protectors.
    3. Coil then to be properly wrapped with water proof /resistant paper, it then to be properly and completely metal wrapped.
    4. Wooden and iron pallet can be used or as your requirements.
    5. And each packed coil to be properly wrapped with band, three-six such band through the eye of coil at about equal distance.
    Delivery Time:
    7-30 days after down payment.